Postdoc Fellows

Lauriane Charlotte RIBAS-DEULOFEU


Specialized in ecology, Lauriane is particularly interested in responses of marine ecosystems to natural and human disturbances.

Combining observations of present coral ecosystems with paleo-reconstructions of fossil reefs, Lauriane is exploring what tomorrow’s reefs could be under the synergetic effects of climate change and anthropogenic pressures.

PhD Students



Jian-Fu is a PhD student at the NTOU. He is specialized in the systematics of fishes, and he is particularly interested in the taxonomy and phylogenetic relationships of Anguilliformes.

Jian-Fu is currently exploring the phylogeny of Congridae in Taiwan and Indo-west Pacific. He will be compiling the morphology, osteology, and molecular data, and complete the systematics of this group.

Master's Students

Ying-Cheng TSENG


Ying-Cheng is a Master's student at the Institute of Fisheries Science, National Taiwan University.

He is currently exploring the systematics of Ariidae fish (sea catfish) in Taiwan. Sea catfish is a group of exceptionally complicated fish, but he has found some differences in morphological and molecular characters among species.

Undergrad Students