PhD Students

Dominique MEDIODIA


Dom is a PhD Student at National Taiwan Normal University (TIGP program). His current work is on fish taxonomy and paleontology through otoliths, particularly in the Philippines.

He will be working to understand the relationship between phylogeny, morphology and biodiversity in fish otoliths over millions of years using 3D geometric morphometrics and machine learning approaches.



Diana obtained her Master's at the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Kyiv, Ukraine. Being interested in evolutionary processes, she has been working with different molluscan taxa. Currently her interests focus on the hinge evolution and abnormalities in Bivalvia.

She is exploring the molluscan fauna of Szekou Formation in Taiwan. Her project is supported by the Academia Sinica.

Shing-Lai (Terry) NG


Terry is a PhD candidate at the National Taiwan Ocean University. He has a broad interest in the taxonomy and ecology of elasmobranches, and is currently working on a taxonomic revision of the global lanternshark genus Etmopterus. He is also enthusiastic in other fish groups, such as the Macrouridae.

He has been identifying deep-sea fish from the South China Sea in our lab, with notable discoveries of new species and new records. He also helps us sampling in fishing ports in Taiwan and Vietnam.

Yen-Ting LIN


Yen-Ting is a PhD candidate at the Institute of Fisheries Science, NTU. His research focuses on the recirculating aquaculture system and feed for freshwater eel (Anguillidae), as well as the assessment of freshwater eel resource of Taiwan. 

He has been identifying and extracting the otoliths of deep-sea fishes from the South China Sea in our lab, especially eels and the freshwater fishes in Taiwan. 

Master's Student

Yufong Godfrey CHEN


Godfrey is a master's student at the Institute of Oceanography, National Taiwan University, with interests in paleobiology, ichthyology, and ecology.  

He is currently focusing on Pliocene elasmobranch fossils from northern Taiwan and trying to interpret their associated paleoecology; he will use interdisciplinary approaches to explore how to reconstruct past marine ecosystems through shark fossils. 

Undergrad Student

Chia-Hsin HSU


Chia-Hsin obtained his Bachelor at NTU (Geosciences). 

He has been working a lot on the paleobiodiveristy of echinoids and mollusks in Taiwan. These projects involve description of fossils and investigation of environmental and geological impacts on past marine ecosystems.

Recently he has received as overseas PhD fellowship from the Ministry of Education of Taiwan.