Principal Investigator

Chien-Hsiang LIN 林千翔

I am an assistant research fellow at the Biodiversity Research Center, Academia Sinica (BRCAS), Taipei, Taiwan. I was a postdoctoral fellow at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama. I obtained my PhD from the University of Bari in Italy in 2017. I am interested in a researcher position where I can utilize my knowledge in taxonomy, marine ecology, paleontology, and conservation paleobiology.

As a paleoecologist, I primarily study fish otoliths to answer their taxonomic and ecological questions. Much of my current work focuses on conservation paleobiology. I use sea bottom materials as a study system and aim to understand how fish communities have changed over time in the latest fossil record. I also work on deep time fossil otoliths to address their paleoecological, biogeographical and evolutionary aspects.

During my PhD and postdoc studies, I have been collaborating closely with the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences (Belgium), Università degli Studi di Bari (Italy), Masaryk University (Czech Republic), Institut de Ciències del Mar (Spain), and the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (Panama).

Click here for my current CV and here for my blog.

Lab Managers

Chang-Chia YEH 葉長佳

Administrative Manager

Chang-Chia is experienced in managing any administrative work, and we are lucky to have her in the lab.

She is currently responsible for managing personnel and research funding. She will also curate the research collection in the lab.

Hsin-Wei LIU 劉馨薇

Research Manager

Hsin-Wei is responsible for all the fieldwork activities and events in the lab. She manages workshops, research expeditions, and helps to process the fossil samples.

She also analyzes the growth patterns of fish derived from their otoliths.

Research Assistants

Yen-Chun WANG 王彥鈞

Specialized in archaeology (NTU, 2020), Yen-Chun is particularly interested in fish remains from the archaeological sites.

He explores the fishery activities using the growth pattern and isotopic signals of prehistoric otoliths in the lab, a funded project supported by the MOST.

Chia-Yen LIN 林佳燕

Chia-Yen is specialized in Geology (NTU). During her master's, she used radiocarbon and stable isotope techniques to study a giant clam of mysterious origin.

She is interested in all kinds of marine organisms and will be specifically working on fossil shark teeth in the lab.